At Elite Moving Service Company, we’ve partnered with emovinginsurance.com to bring you the best options for insuring your move.

Did you know

Your move comes with standard protection of $0.60 per pound.  Depending on what you’re moving, your belongings may be worth much more than that.

Solution from movinginsurance.com

  • Easy to secure.
    Simply fill in your moving details, value your items, and check out! You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment, and within 1 business day you’ll receive the insurance certificate in your inbox.
  • Accidents happen.
    Ever dropped a dish by accident in your very own kitchen? Ever hit a pot-hole that made your teeth chatter? Ever stubbed your toe on something you’ve walked past a thousand times?
  • Affordable Peace of Mind
    Among the many details of relocating, why risk your sanity if something goes wrong? With an average cost between 1%-2% of your belongings, insuring your move will mitigate any unexpected scenarios in your relocation.

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Enter Promo Code ELT25 to save $25 


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