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One question that seems to come up when talking to those deciding between hiring professional movers and moving themselves: How much will it cost? Cost is often a deciding factor when it comes to hiring the moving pros vs. going the DIY route.

The answer? The cost of hiring professional movers is often not as much as you might think.

Below we’ve broken down a few of the considerations to help you decide between hiring professionals, like those here at Elite Moving, or going the do-it-yourself route. 

The Equipment Investment

Speaking of equipment,  you’ll probably need more than a pickup truck and a few boxes if you plan on moving an entire home.

Generally, the plan of action here would be to rent a moving truck from a rental company, but with the already built-in cost of doing this plus the recent spike in gas prices, it’s going to run up a bigger bill than you’d think. You’ll also need to invest in other moving equipment such as stretch wrap, furniture pads, packing supplies, moving boxes, moving straps, moving dollies, and more if you plan on keeping your belongings protected.

The Time Investment

Your time might not show up in terms of actual dollars spent on the move, but your time is valuable and important.  Moving yourself can take more time than you think, from preparation, packing, the actual move, and unpacking, you’ll want to consider this investment. After all is said and done, it may be a larger task than you envisioned.

When you hire a company like Elite Moving, you’re hiring an experienced and efficient team who has the knowledge and training to complete any type of move. Plus, you’ll save yourself the trouble of potential injuries or soreness from doing the heavy lifting on your own or bothering friends and family to help.

Protection For Your Belongings

Unless you already have professional moving experience (and in that case, you should join our team!), you’ll quickly realize moving big furniture and other belongings aren’t easy.

You’re not only putting yourself at risk for injury from overdoing it, but you can also put your personal items at risk.  The potential for damages can significantly increase throughout the move if items aren’t properly wrapped, secured in the truck, or safely handled by trained professionals.

Who Will Help You?

As a professional moving company operating in multiple locations, we have help – and more than enough of it. But if you’re doing it yourself, you’ll most likely need to recruit others to help you. This means the awkward texts to friends or family to see if they’ll lend you a helping hand in exchange for free food and drinks.  It doesn’t always go over well, not to mention the risk of injury is a concern for many.

Why Elite Moving Service Company?

When you factor in all the expenses above, you may find that moving yourself doesn’t save as much money as you initially thought.

Hiring a professional moving company like Elite Moving ensures all the above instances are taken care of while you sit back and focus on more important elements of your move, like taking care of getting your family and pets moved and settled into your new home. 

If you have an upcoming move, reach out to Elite Moving Service Company for a free quote!