Packing up your entire home for a move may seem overwhelmingly daunting.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our top tips to make the process easier and less stressful.

First, Get Rid of Things You No Longer Need

Have you ever visited someone’s home who’s garage is filled with unpacked boxes from their move two years ago?  This is a common occurrence for people after a move.  By going through the items you own, you’re able to get rid of the extra stuff and eliminate clutter or unpacked boxes in your next home.

Pack an Essentials Box

The first night in a new home is often one of the most challenging.  Some people opt to stay in a hotel in an effort to have all their essentials easily available.  However, another option is to pack an essentials box.  Similar to an overnight bag, it has all the essentials you’ll need to get through the first night in your new home without having to search tirelessly for the essentials you need.

Packing for Specific Items


Tips for Packing Books

Pack books with them lying flat in the box. Alternate between the spine and open sides of the books.  You may opt to put a piece of paper between your books to prevent them from sticking together.  Finally, because books are heavy, you want to use small, strong boxes or boxes made for packing books.

Tips for Packing Bottles

Packing bottles with liquid contents require the bottles to be taped shut (if they’ve been opened before) to prevent leaking.  For an additional layer of security, place bottles in a resealable plastic bag like a zip lock bag before wrapping and placing them in the box.

Tips for Packing Clothing

Clothing can be left on hangers and packed into special wardrobe boxes for easy transfer out of your current closet into your new closet.  Another option is to utilize drawstring trash bags for hanging clothing.  Place the clothing in the trash bag, then close the drawstring around the hangers to keep the clothing wrapped tightly in the plastic trash bag.

Tips for Packing Fine China

Each piece of china should be wrapped in clean packing paper.  Place the packing paper in the bottom of a dish pack box for extra cushioning.  Wrap each piece individually and then wrap up to three pieces in a bundle before placing the box.  Once you’ve added the appropriate amount of china to each box, fill in any gaps with packing paper/foam/cushions to prevent shifting or rattling during transit.

Tips for Packing Shoes

If you have the original shoeboxes, you can pack shoes in their original boxes and place several boxes of shoes in one packing box.  If you no longer have the original boxes, wrapping each whole individually will prevent abrasive damage during transit.

Tips for Packing Computers

If possible, pack all computers in their original packaging. As long as proper packing materials are used (bubble wrap, packing papers, towels, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc.), computers can be safely packed into any sturdy box.

Tips for Packing Statues and Figurines

Wrap breakable statues and figurines with bubble wrap, then tightly wrap them with clean paper. If you don’t have bubble wrap available, use clean paper to wrap each item until it is properly cushioned.

Prefer not to pack?

Elite Moving Service Company offers professional packing services to ensure your items are safely packed and ready for your move.  Get a quote today!