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Are you feeling overwhelmed by how to decorate your studio apartment? You may feel like your choices are limited, but in reality, you can customize your space in a way that feels the most like home for you. It just takes a bit more planning than a larger space, but with the right tips, we’ll help you decorate your studio apartment.  

Consider the Size

Size, style, and placement.

The size or scale of the furniture you select can affect how balanced everything feels. Low ceiling? Use low-profile, leggy furniture (think mid-century style). High ceilings? Opt for a loft bed. 

Double duty where you can. 

Look for items that can be organizational items as well as a workspace. Murphy beds and drop-leaf tables are great furniture pieces that play double duty.  

Pro Tip: Think up – not out! Use that vertical space the best you can. 

Balance is essential. 

Experts recommend balancing one or two big objects with a smaller quantity of little things. For example, if you have a large tufted headboard, include a small piece of artwork above it to bring balance. 

Purge what you can. 

Because you are working with limited space, minimize the clutter and only opt for pieces that truly speak to you. Organize thoughtfully and tastefully with storage baskets or containers that have a beautiful or clean aesthetic. The Spruce recommends organizing by type, size, and color. 

Natural light is your friend.

Mirrors reflect light and are a necessity for decorating any studio. Not only do they provide function, but they will also make your space appear larger. We recommend a large, visually appealing full-length mirror

Lines Are Drawn by You  

Open spaces, open storage.

No walled rooms mean you get to set up the boundaries within your guidelines. Furnishing helps you create “rooms.” Items like slim bookcases and curtains are helpful for this. For example, open shelving like the Ikea Kallax is a perfect, budget-friendly way to add storage space and create division. Open functional closets are another easy and affordable choice. 

Fluid furnishings.

Partitions are an extremely versatile way to express style and separate areas. They are also easy to put up and take down, adding versatility and flexibility to your space. Additionally, beds tend to take up the most space. Consider options like a loft-style bed that can provide storage or relaxing space underneath. 

Work every angle.

Get creative where you place your furniture. How you set it up can determine how it makes the space feel. For example, placing furniture by the foot of your bed can create a separation between the living and sleeping areas. 

Bring It Together

Add color for continuity. 

Color can make it all a cohesive look. Bring it together with pops of color from the same palate. Want to make it look bigger? Walls and decor in the same color (think light, like white) help to blur lines and make things appear brighter and more airy. 

Statement pieces.

Just because the space is small doesn’t mean you can’t have statement pieces. Use a rug to designate an area and make it appear more polished. You could also make an accent wall with removable peel and stick wallpaper, which is a great way to change wall color without the commitment of paint. 

Visual appeal. 

Bring the eye upward and give the illusion of more space by adding curtains. By installing your curtains as far up the wall as possible, you add height, making your small studio feel less like a cave. Don’t forget to eliminate the visual clutter like appliances and chairs. Find solutions like fold-away chairs and storage for appliances to live when not in use. 

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