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Whether you’re moving to a new country, state, city, or just a new part of town, discovering your new neighborhood is essential for settling in. While you may be feeling overwhelmed with the moving process, we promise we have some great tips to help you start to connect with your new neighborhood. 

1. Map It Out

Everyone feels more at home when you know how to get around to your essentials. By this, we mean the route to work, your kids’ school, the gym, the bank, and the grocery store, to name a few. 

Write down what is a part of your daily and weekly routine. Map it out, and then take the drive. Perhaps even follow the route you might take, such as drop your child off at school, go to the gym, and head to work. Familiarizing yourself with your path will take some guesswork out and allow you to feel more comfortable when heading out. 

2. Explore AM vs. PM 

Have you ever noticed how different your town may feel when you go out during the day versus leaving at night? This can throw us off even in a city you are familiar with. You may want to practice driving around town and going to popular destinations at night. By doing this, you can help alleviate some of that foreign feeling. 

From a safety perspective, you can also get a sense of what areas you may want to stay away from and what areas are well lit and safe. 

3. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors can be a tough one. Maybe you’re more introverted, and perhaps you don’t care to get to know them, or maybe you’re a social butterfly and can’t wait to host a housewarming party. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there is an approach for everyone. 

For those who don’t mind, you can introduce yourself or even pay attention when performing your house maintenance outside. If you see a neighbor, strike up a conversation and open the door of communication. 

Even if you’re not one to socialize much, having a basic relationship with your neighbors can prove to be beneficial for the security of your home and neighborhood. Neighbors tend to keep an eye out for one another. 

4. Check Out the Events Calendar 

Almost every town or city is going to have a calendar of events. Sometimes, in larger cities, even neighborhoods have events specific to that district. This can be a fun way to plug in with others and get involved in your communities culture. 

From religious or social communities, hobbies, farmer’s markets, parades, and other seasonal events, your city’s event calendar can provide some fun ways to plugin. 

5. Find the Local Hangouts 

Instead of hitting a franchise restaurant for dinner, try a local business. You can talk to your server and pick their mind for good recommendations on some of your favorites: coffee shops, sushi, pizza, cocktails – whatever you’re interested in. Talking to locals is one of the best ways to get an insider perspective. They will give you perspective beyond what Google or Yelp can do. 

6. Think Local 

Local organizations serve as a common ground for residents to share resources, problems, and community. For example, the library is a great place to start – regardless of your age. Your local library provides a host of events, lectures, and classes, not to mention free internet. 

Don’t forget to check out your local chamber of commerce, too. While you may have no idea what the heck it is, these institutions have been around forever to provide community and connection within a city. You never know what kind of opportunities might be waiting!

7. Use an App

There are numerous apps on the market designed for people in the same position as you. Whether you’re visiting temporarily or making this new neighborhood home, learning more about your new community is made easier with the help of apps. 

You can always check out Facebook groups, join Nextdoor, or explore Google Maps

Curbed has an article dedicated to breaking down these apps that will allow you to see a city through fresh new eyes. 

8. Get Outside 

Weather permitting, getting outside and finding some fresh air and greenery can help relieve some of the moving stress. You can use an app like AllTrails that allows you to search locally with parameters such as trail length, distance, and difficulty. You could also just ask a local!

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