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Home security systems provide benefits far beyond protection from theft and intruders. The modern world of home security has evolved and now provides consumers with options such as smart home integration, DIY installation, mobile app control, and of course, security cameras. 

Let’s investigate the benefits of home security, what features you should be looking for, and who the home security leaders are for 2022. 

Why should I get a home security system?

Everyone’s why may look a little different, but at the end of the day, we all want the same thing – to protect what we love. 

Top Benefits

U.S. News 360 Reviews has an excellent article that goes in-depth. However, here are the top five benefits. 

  1. Protection
  2. Deterrent
  3. Peace of mind
  4. Convenience and energy savings
  5. Reduced home insurance premiums

Popular Systems

SafeWise had tediously reviewed home security systems and put together this list of the top 10 for 2022.

  1. Best overall: Vivint 
  2. High-end DIY: Frontpoint
  3. Reader favorite: SimpliSafe
  4. Best customer experience: Cove 
  5. Trusted brand: ADT
  6. Best DIY automation system: Abode
  7. Best outdoor cameras: Ring
  8. Best optional monitoring system: Blue by ADT
  9. Best budget pick: Wyze
  10. Most safety sensor options: Brinks

What are the essential features?

It can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the home security system that is best for you. Regardless of which company you choose, we recommend sticking to these few basics and building out from there.

  1. Sensors
  2. Door chimes
  3. Alarms
  4. Cellular radio connection, so it does not have to be dependent solely on WiFi.
  5. A control panel that can be connected to a professional monitoring service

What options can home security systems offer?

One of the exciting aspects of home security today is the endless ways to customize your home system. Modern security systems make it possible to include the devices you need with the options you want. 

Take a look at this exhaustive list of possibilities:

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Theft protection
  • Indoor/outdoor security cameras
  • Smoke, heat, and fire detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection 
  • Water and glass break sensors 
  • Smart thermostats 
  • Smart lighting
  • Car guards 
  • Medical emergency alert
  • Panic buttons
  • Video intercom
  • Keychain remote control
  • Special access
  • Cellular backup

Can I take my home security system when I move?

Most security companies should allow you to take your home security system with you when you move. Often, your home security system is built in a very personal way in order to meet your specific needs for you and your home. Keep in mind a wireless system will be easier than a wired system. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you take a DIY route, you will most likely have no problem taking it with you. However, if you have a professionally installed system, you will want to discuss their policies around moving with them. It’s a good idea to find out what policies are before deciding on a security system. 

What are other ways to protect my home?

So what if you’re a renter? Or, maybe a home security system is just more than what you’re in the market for. Expert Home Report has a few suggestions on ways to secure your home without an alarm. 

  • Use smart lighting.
  • Get a dog.  
  • Install locks and bolts.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed and neat.
  • Remove clutter from the area surrounding your home.