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Tis’ the season for gathering with loved ones, cozying up at home, and turning the oven on to make holiday treats. While this might be ideal for some, others may find themselves hearing a different holiday tune–one that involves moving. 

Whether you’re with the military, graduating from college, relocating for a job, or selling your home, this time of year may have a different feel if you plan on moving during the holiday season. While it may seem stressful at first, rest assured, we have some tips that will make your holiday move painless. 

Tip 1: Give yourself time.

If possible, give yourself as much time as you can to pack. We recommend aiming for three to four weeks in order to pack little by little. The goal is to avoid burnout before you even get to your new home. By breaking the moving process into categories (think wall art, holiday decor, kids’ toys) or by areas (kitchen, guest bedroom, attic) you’re able to tackle the lesser-used areas or parts of your home first. As moving day approaches, you will want to work on packing the more used parts of your home. 

Don’t forget to keep in mind daylight savings. In early November, time falls back an hour earlier in many states and you will also lose precious sunlight. No one wants to move in the dark, so check sunrise and sunset times at both your current and future home. 

Tip 2: It’s not your year to host.

Participating in family gatherings and getting together with friends is an important part of the holiday season for many people–especially if you may be moving away from them soon! Make sure to prioritize some time for yourself to enjoy those moments. However, it is necessary to be realistic that this is not the best time to be hosting those gatherings. If you have children, it may be nice to help them see any friends they’ll be moving away from before the big move. 

Tip 3: Don’t pack away all the holiday decor. 

You may find it beneficial to leave some of the more “essential” holiday decoration pieces out and accessible so you can still enjoy a bit of the holiday feeling. Remember to label boxes with what’s inside and where it will go to make the hanging up process that much easier at your new home. 

Tip 4: Remember, it’s the holidays.

During the holiday’s many businesses have different hours and certain days for closures. You will want to schedule your utilities to be activated with plenty of notice to ensure none of these closures will impact you from having a warm home upon move-in. 

Traffic can congest certain highways, flights can be delayed or limited, and rental car availability can be scarce, so be sure to think about the days you’re planning the actual move and plan accordingly. 

Extra expenses can creep up if you’re not planning ahead of time, so having a moving expense budget and a holiday spending budget could be helpful. 

Tip 5: Take advantage of Black Friday.

Prior to Black Friday, after Thanksgiving, and during the entire month of December, many businesses have tremendous markdowns. Check out your local hardware, office supply, and home goods stores to get anything you may need at a discounted price. 

Tip 6: Make your holiday cards work for you.

Including a change of address in your holiday cards will serve as the announcement of your move and provide everyone you want with your new address. Two birds, one stone.

Tip 7: Consider donating. 

While you’re in the process of packing, there is no better time to set aside the items you want to give to donation organizations. This is the perfect time to donate holiday decorations you no longer want, winter gear that no longer fits, or any other miscellaneous items you come across that just don’t need to make the move. Some non-profits even offer a pick-up service, saving you time. 

Tip 8: Stay minimal with the gifts. 

There are a few ways to go about this depending on your moving date and situation. You can ask family and friends to wait until you have moved to send any gifts, you can opt-out of a gift exchange this year to save the money, or you can keep gifts you’ve already received wrapped for a delayed surprise and easier transport. Another option is to go virtual — many retailers offer digital gift cards creating a perfect gifting solution for anyone with just a few clicks.  

Tip 9: Recycle what you can. 

If you’ve already received gifts and opened them, this is the perfect way to save money on some supplies. Reuse any packing/wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and boxes you can get your hands on. Let friends and family know as well so they can set it aside for you. Don’t forget about all those incoming packages you’ve received prior to the holiday!

Tip 10: Give yourself the gift of a painless move. 

Elite Moving Service Co. offers packing and moving services for any budget. We specialize in local and long-distance moves, corporate relocation, and commercial moving. Even if you just need some help with the manual labor, we’ve got you covered. Let us take care of your holiday move so you can get back to what matters most to you.

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