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ZipLock Baggies Are Your Travel Friend

Put any screws or hardware in marked sealable bags, then tape the bag inside the corresponding boxes, or on the furniture itself.

Socks Are For More Than Your Feet

Use socks as packing material to protect glasses, and extra linens for other breakable dishware. It’ll save you money on bubble wrap and is more protective than newspaper.

Plastic Wrap to Prevent Spills

Cover salt & shakers, half-used shampoo bottles, or anything else in danger of leaking during the move, with more plastic wrap. Screw on the tops over the plastic wrap. Hey look, no spillage in transit!

Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words

Also, take a picture of the back of your television and/or stereo equipment, so you’ll know exactly how to set it up once you get to your new home.

Suitcases Are Meant To Be Full

Packing heavy items like books in a suitcase with wheels makes moving those heavy items easy. No slipped discs, just easy travels.

Use Padded Potholders and No One Gets Cut

Place knives in padded potholders so no one gets cut, poked or scraped in the process of moving. (If they are really nice knives, you can wrap them individually as well so they don’t damage each other.)

Recycle Those Paper Towel Tubes

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Tubes are great for cable management. Use them to keep all those wires and cables to your TVs, computers, and other electronics safe and tangle-free.

Color is Fun! (and Practical)

Color code each room so packing, moving, and unpacking is streamlined. By using colored tape or stickers on each box, it will make packing, loading, and unloading easy. No more wondering where things are when you get to your new home.

Laundry Baskets Are Easy Totes

As you begin preparing for your move, put together a basket of moving supplies in a laundry basket to easily move from room to room.

Egg Carton Jewelry Storage

Use old egg cartons to keep your jewelry safe and tangle-free.