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If there’s anything that’s always true about moving, it’s the fact that it’s an opportunity to get rid of the items you don’t want or need anymore.

While many people may opt to just donate, recycle, or trash these unwanted items, hosting a moving sale is a great way to get rid of all that unwanted stuff and make some extra cash to cover those moving expenses.  Plus, getting rid of those unwanted items before your move could mean a smaller truck and less help with loading and unloading, ultimately making the move more cost-effective.

Hosting a profitable moving sale takes more work than just arranging your things in your front yard and placing signs.  If you want to make the most of your sale, follow these tips.

  1. Set a date and time in advance.
    You’ll want to consider dates that make the most sense.  People are more likely to come by on the weekend, but make sure it’s not conflicting with any kind of major community event in your area.  You may also want to avoid hosting a moving sale on a holiday weekend when a lot of people travel or are at home with their families. As far as timing goes, focus on the morning and early afternoon.
  2. Determine if your moving sale requires a permit.
    Most locations won’t encounter any legal trouble by hosting a moving sale, but some cities do require a special permit that you may not be aware of.
  3. Make a list of items to sell.
    As you begin to prepare for your moving sale, it may be helpful to go through your home making a list of the items you’d like to get rid of.  Doing so will help you determine how you want to layout the moving sale.
  4. The more “good” items, the better.
    When considering the items you want to sell, be sure to check any storage units, attics, basements, sheds, or garages you may have some long-forgotten items stashed away in.  The larger the sale and the more quality items, the better.  These items will be a big help when it comes to your advertising.
  5. Advertise everywhere.
    Signage is important when it comes to a moving sale, but it’s not enough.  As you place your signs, be sure you place them in high traffic areas.  If you live in a subdivision, you may need multiple signs to guide people to your location.  (Be sure to check that this isn’t a violation with the city or your HOA).

    After signage, be sure to take your advertising efforts to social media.  Many people will be looking on Facebook Marketplace for specific items, so listing some of your key items there will be a tremendous help.  There’s also various yard sale websites and apps available, especially in bigger cities. 
  6. Ask your neighbors if they’d like to join in the event.
    The bigger the attraction, the more people will come.  When you get your neighbors involved they can pull on their networks and draw a larger crowd to the moving sale.
  7. Set fair prices.
    People have different approaches to moving sales and yard sales.  Some want to put a price tag on each item.  This may be time-consuming, but people are more likely to purchase if they know the price you’re looking to get for your items.  Some people may be less comfortable making an offer or trying to negotiate blindly.
  8. Be open to haggling.
    People love haggling, it’s part of the fun when it comes to moving sales.  They want a good deal, so be prepared to haggle with people.  If you’re unwilling to haggle on a particular item, be sure to write “FIRM” on the price tag.
  9. Organize the sale.
    It doesn’t have to look like a retail store, but organizing like items together and making it easy for visitors to navigate will encourage them to stay longer and possibly buy more.  Keep jewelry with jewelry, clothing with clothing, kitchen items with kitchen items, etc.
  10. Sell some refreshments.
    Many people who shop at moving sales make a day of it.  They’re out running around looking for amazing deals and work up a thirst or an appetite, especially on very hot days.  Having some cold bottled water and refreshments available will help recharge your shoppers, making them more likely to stay and shop.  If you’d like to make some extra money, you could sell those cold beverages and snacks for a profit!

A moving sale is a great way to get rid of things and make some extra cash.  Don’t let it stress you out, have fun with it.  When it’s over, you can just pack up the remaining items in the car and drop them off at a donation box!