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Moving soon? Concerned about all the details?  That’s why we publish the tips and content we do.  We know that we may be moving experts, but you are your child’s expert, so you know better than anyone what will work and what won’t.  That said, the suggestions and recommendations we make in this article are based on what child psychologists have recommended and what we know has worked for other parents who have relocated.

Before Moving Day

No one really enjoys last-minute changes to plans, especially if they disrupt your life.  Kids aren’t any different.  In an effort to reduce any moving anxiety, there are some steps you can take before moving day to help your children feel safe and confident about the move.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving can be stressful, especially if you’re doing it on your own.  Adding the additional responsibilities of parenting can make it nearly impossible to do on your own.  That’s why we recommend saving yourself the headaches of relying on friends and family or shady moving companies and instead hire a reputable company.

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Give Your Child Plenty of Notice

If you’re moving with kids, it’s a good idea to tell them ahead of time that the family is moving.  Dr. Jamie Howard explains how it’s easier for children to deal with something they’re expecting than something that comes as a shock.  This is why we encourage you to have a conversation with your kids prior to the move so they can process and prepare for their new future.

Have Conversations with Your Kids about the Move

Once you tell your kids about the plans to move, they’re likely to have questions.  Be sure to take the time to have conversations with them not just when you tell them, but in the following days and weeks leading up to the move.  As your children process the information, they’ll likely come to you with lots of questions, some of which may even seem silly.

Offer Your Kids as Much Information as Possible

Keeping your child informed is one of the easiest ways to reduce moving anxiety.  Tell them their new address, school name, neighborhood, why you’re moving, the name of your new employer, etc.  These details may not feel like a necessity, but they can go a long way in easing their concerns. 

Keep Things Positive

Some children may struggle with the idea of moving initially.  This is why it’s so important to focus on all the positives that will come with the new move.  Kids are likely to miss their friends, family, and school, along with all the other familiar environments they’ve grown accustomed to, which can be frightening.  Instead of focusing on all the things they’ll miss, shift the conversation to things they have to look forward to.

Visit the New Location

If possible, take your kids to visit the new community you’ll be moving to.  If you can, let them see the new house, parks, school, and other community staples. If you can’t make a trip, you can always use the internet!  Show pictures of the house, or use Google maps to check out the parks and other cool places you know they’ll like.

Have Them Help Pack

By involving your kids in the moving process it can help them feel a certain level of control and involvement in their own life.  Older kids may be able to handle all of their packing, while younger children may get to help label boxes or decorate theirs with colorful stickers.

Arrange Childcare The Day of the Move

This is especially important if you have young children.  You don’t want them to be in a dangerous situation with movers coming in and out moving heavy furniture and items.  This may be a great opportunity for them to spend time with one of their closest friends just before the move. 

All in all, moving can be a really exciting time, and by involving your children in the process they can share in the excitement.