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When you’re getting ready to move, it’s important to have all the right supplies to make for a smooth experience. Preparedness relieves stress, helping you look forward with joy regarding the next place you’ll call home.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide that helps you determine what types of boxes you’ll need to be prepared for packing up your belongings.

Standard Moving Boxes

Small box.
Small boxes are often referred to as ‘book boxes’ and are typically 1.5 cubic feet in the U.S. These are great for storing heavy items like books, albums, non-perishable food, shoes, and even small appliances.

Medium box.
Medium boxes are usually 3 cubic feet and may often be referred to as an all-purpose box.  These boxes can hold pots and pans, towels, and other household goods. 

Large box.
Large boxes are about 4.5 cubic feet.  With large boxes, you’ll want to be careful not to put items in that are heavier than the box support.  It also helps protect your back (or your moving helper’s backs) when lifting these items.  You may put clothing, pillows, or other lightweight items in large boxes.

Dish packs.
Dish packs are great for transporting plates, bowls, stemware, and other kitchen items.  They are specifically designed for packing the kitchen with unique dividers, helping protect these fragile items in transit..

Mattress box.
A Mattress box (or mattress bag) protects your mattress from damage with a mattress box, which comes in a variety of sizes, including crib, twin, standard, double, and queen/king.

Mirror boxes.
Mirror boxes help protect the fragility of your mirrors, but could also be used for glass tabletops or even large pictures or artwork.

Custom crates.
Have something unique that’s too big for a box or needs additional protection during transit?  You may opt for a custom crate.  These can be especially necessary for antiques, chandeliers, or anything delicate and large. 

Wardrobe boxes.
Wardrobe boxes are large boxes that stand upright and come with a bar for hanging clothing, curtains, and draperies. They can keep such belongings from becoming wrinkled on your journey.

Alternative Moving Boxes

While moving boxes are a great choice for packing and protecting your belongings, they often come with a price tag. When moving on a budget you may opt for some other options to save money.  Where can you get free boxes?

Liquor Stores.
Liquor stores often have boxes available that are sturdy, but may not have lids and are typically small.  

Grocery Stores.
Grocery stores often have boxes that have been broken down available to the public. You’ll likely want to ask what day they receive deliveries and plan a trip for boxes around the times they’ll most likely have some available. 

Your Workplace.
Sometimes your place of employment may have boxes available for the taking to employees who are moving.

Coffee Shops.
Coffee shops like Starbucks receive shipments regularly.  Employees have to get those items unpacked and stocked in order to keep the location running smoothly.  Similar to grocery stores, you may want to ask what day they receive deliveries and when would be best to come by to get boxes.

Free Marketplaces.
You may be able to find free boxes on your local marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist from individuals who have just unpacked from a recent move.

Hassle-Free Solution

If you’re looking for the most efficient way to get boxes for your move, Elite Moving has you covered.  Contact us to get a quote on the materials you need.